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Master Your Favorite AoV Hero Using This Simple Guide

Master Your Favorite AoV Hero Using This Simple Guide

Master Your Favorite Arena Of Valor Hero Using This Simple Guide

Master Your Favorite AoV Hero Using This Simple Guide

Learning Arena Of Valor (Aov) involves, to a large degree, learning hero-specific information, which will enable you to play the character more effectively.

Regardless of who your favorite hero is, and what role you prefer playing, there are a handful of simple guidelines that you can follow to accelerate your learning.



Know Your Role, Play Your Role


Every hero has an ideal role and playstyle in AoV, so understanding this role and sticking to it is incredibly important to your team’s chances of victory.


For example, when you’re playing a support hero, it’s crucial that you help your carry/damage dealer farm in the lane by,

  • Buffing them when needed
  • Harassing the enemy heroes
  • NOT last hitting, which enables your teammate to last hit instead


If you don’t pull this off effectively as a support character, and instead focus on farming, you severely affect your carry’s ability to help the team win the endgame.


Practice Last-Hitting


If your opponents farm more effectively than you, this gives them an edge that grows more pronounced over the course of the game, as their gold lead will increase over time.


So if you’re having trouble timing your attacks and maximizing the number of last hits that you secure, you need to practice the last hitting.


Since each hero has different base damage and attack animations, it makes the most sense to practice last-hitting with one hero until you get the hang of it, before moving on to another.


Understand Your Passive

In AoV, a hero’s passive ability is usually incredibly important to their playstyle and gives them a tangible advantage when used correctly.


For example, Taara’s passive, ‘Fighting Spirit’ gives her bonus damage for every 1% of HP she’s missing. It also restores 3% of lost HP when she uses her first or second abilities.


To take full advantage of these powerful effects, a Taara player needs to be okay with fighting even when not at full HP, making use of the bonus damage. It’s also important to remember to use her first and second abilities to maximize HP regeneration.


Remember to read and understand your hero’s passive.




Flexible Equipment Builds


Sticking to the same equipment build every match is fine when you’re a beginner and still learning the game. But after you have a general idea of what’s going on and how to effectively play the game, it’s time to take a long, hard look at the equipment you choose to buy.


Having some flexibility in your equipment choices will help you contribute more effectively towards your team.


For example, you have 6 different choices when you want to upgrade your Boots of Speed.


If you’re getting harassed a lot in the lane by normal attacks, it makes the most sense to upgrade the basic boots to Sonic Boots, which reduces attack damage taken by 15% and provides additional armor. And if the enemy team is magic-heavy, you could get Gilded Greaves instead, which gives you +35% resistance and additional magic defense.


Making the right choice when spending your gold will go a long way towards mastering your favorite hero.

Purchase Better Arcana

And lastly, you get access to more powerful Arcana as you keep playing AoV. It’s fairly obvious that Arcana gives your heroes incredible buffs, so if your opponents are using more level-appropriate Arcana than you are, they have an edge over you even before the match begins.

Master Your Favorite AoV Hero Using This Simple Guide

Master Your Favorite AoV Hero Using This Simple Guide


So save up your gold for higher level Arcana and buy upgrades as soon as they’re available. And of course, don’t forget to slot them in!


Besides these tips, the one thing to remember is to practice, practice, practice, to get a good ‘feel’ for the hero and improve your skills with them.


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