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Ubisoft Opens Two New Studios in India and Ukraine

Ubisoft Opens Two New Studios in India and Ukraine

The new Ubisoft studio is planning to open this year in June.

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Ubisoft Opens Two New Studios in India and Ukraine
Ubisoft Opens Two New Studios in India and Ukraine

More News from Ubisoft now because the French writer reveals it’s miles establishing two new video game development studios. Ubisoft Mumbai will document directly to Jean-Philippe Pieuchot, handling Director of the Pune studio in India. The studio will also collaborate with academic establishments within the region like IIT-Bombay and Ecole Intuit Lab
Ubisoft is now hiring talent for the Mumbai studio, with operations set to start in June. “Our commitment to both countries is now reinforced by those expansions to Mumbai and Odesa“, executive director of Ubisoft worldwide studios Christine Burgess-Quémard said. Ubisoft Odesa, alternatively, will join Ubisoft’s existing studio in Kiev to help paintings at the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon franchise. Also Ubisoft planning to open a Ubisoft Club in India soon. So video game lover the price of ubisoft games may be decrease after open  the studio in  INDIA. It named as Ubisoft India.

Ubisoft India  franchise fact

According to, Pieuchot said that the company was interested in Mumbai due to its “unique talent pool” and “large population”.

“Mumbai will focus on AA development, and leverage our expertise in live operations and games as a service”.

“Our ambition is to contribute towards the development of the Indian videogame ecosystem by partnering closely with top schools and institutions”.

As for the Odesa one, it’s also the second studio for the company in Ukraine along with 10-year veteran Kiev department.

Thinking about game development in India isn’t always as high profile as it used to be with the likes of Gameloft, Disney, and square Enix shutting their studios within the previous years and EA (Electronic Art) relegating its Hyderabad operations to maintain existing mobile and social fare, Ubisoft Pune has traditionally been one of the more stable studios. Ten employees are actually there, but plans to lease 60 more people are underway.

Similarly to the above, Adrian Serbanescu, Studio manager of the Kiev studio, will manipulate the brand new Odesa office.

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