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Next Pokemon Go Community Day Event Announced || The next real-world event takes place on March 25.

Next Pokemon Go Community Day Event Announced
The next real-world event takes place on March 25.

   The second Pokemon Go Community Day event may have only recently concluded, but Niantic has already revealed details for next month’s event. The third Pokemon Go Community Day takes place on March 25, and this time it’ll feature one of the original three starting Pokemon from Red and Blue.
Next Pokemon Go Community Day Event Announced
Next Pokemon Go Community Day Event Announced

      Just like the previous  community Days, next month’s event is scheduled to run for 3 hours, starting at eleven AM PT / 2 PM ET and finishing at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET. As earlier than, gamers may be capable of obtain a rare Pokemon that knows a unique move it can’t generally learn during the event hours. Niantic hasn’t revealed what the unique move will be for March’s community Day, however the featured Pokemon may be the Grass-kind starter Bulbasaur.

 On top of increased Bulbasaur spawns, players will earn triple XP for catching Pokemon during the event hours. Lure modules will also last for three hours. More details about the Community Day will be revealed closer to the event.

The first Pokemon go community Day event happened lower back in January and gave players a risk to capture a Pikachu that might use Surf, much like the one that was featured inside the conventional Pokemon Yellow version. the second one network Day took become held this past weekend, on February 24. It featured increased spawns of the uncommon Dragon-kind Pokemon Dratini. gamers who were able to evolve Dratini’s evolution, Dragonair, right into a Dragonite throughout the event hours, the Pokemon would examine the effective Dragon-type attack Draco Meteor.

Earlier than the following network Day rolls around, Pokemon move players will be able to catch a special celebration hat Pikachu to have fun Pokemon Day and buy new avatar outfits stimulated by means of Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen. gamers also have any other danger to feature Groudon and Kyogre to their group; the two Legendaries are returning to the sport after their preliminary tenure as Raid bosses from now till March five. The legendary Pokemon Rayquaza is likewise to be had in Pokemon pass till March sixteen

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