What is your favorite video game franchise? Forum opened

  What is your favorite video game franchise? Forum opened.

I have to make a confession. I like Mass Effect: Andromeda … there, I said. In fact, my favorite video game franchise all the time is the Mass Effect series. As a science fiction nerd, I can not help but be drawn from the epic action of Biowares RPG saga with its mix of strict controls, intense and varied fights, and this incredible story of branching that makes you really painful decisions. 

What is your favorite video game franchise? Forum opened
What is your favorite video game franchise? Forum opened

The original Mass Effect trilogy tells the story of an imminent mass extinction on a galactic scale, while we, Commander Shepard, must do everything to prevent it. Along the way you encounter an eclectic group of people and aliens, each with their own culture and background. The construction of the world was actually one of my favorite parts of Mass Effect. Bioware has done an excellent job of personalizing every single foreign species and making it look like a real culture. 

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While most of the mass effect traditions are concentrated on people, Asari, Krogan, Turianen, wage earners and quarians, some of the less known races such as Elcor and Hanan are also developing brilliantly in their own way. is known, while Mass Effect’s original trilogy is celebrated as one of Bioware’s best works, followed by Mass Effect: Andromeda did not go well.

Kotaku has a well-written article on the history behind the problematic development of Andromeda, but it is enough to say; the particular animations, the development of the character of the wood and the lack of impact of the real story have flowed, which could be another success. And again … I still like the game. The story is very good once you find it and the freedom in the fight is exhilarating. On the other hand I’m a fan of Mass Effect. This leads to the open forum this weekend. What is your favorite video game franchise? Which franchise could play 100 times and still enjoy it full? Let us know in the following comments.
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