Best PC games for new owners

You just got a new PC, packed full with terabytes of storage space, a top-of-the-line graphics card and more RAM than is legal in most countries. Congratulations, and welcome to the gaming platform that has the most choices across the widest variety of games.

But maybe all that choice is too much? Perhaps you find yourself paralyzed with indecision? Allow us to help. We’ve put together a list of some of the most must-play games on the PC, both recent and classic.

A couple notes before we get started. First, this list is not necessarily focused on stuff that will push new hardware to the limits. Certainly some of the games on here are gorgeous on their max settings, but some have retro stylings; some can even be run on a mid-level laptop. The point is to share the best and most interesting games on the platform, not the most hardware-intensive.

Along the same lines, we will be including some games that are available on consoles as well. However, as in all things, the PC port is usually the best port.

Darkest Dungeon: A stylish dungeon crawler with an epic voiceover, Darkest Dungeon is a side-scrolling roguelike that sets players on an epic quest to rid the land of evil. For the first hour or so, the game could pass for any other off-the-shelf dungeon crawler with good art direction. But once you’ve built up your base, collected a dozen heroes and begun to train them up you’ll start to see the deep management side of the game snap into focus. Before that second hour is through you’ll have made some tough decisions about who levels up and who dies. If you’re very lucky, one of your favorite characters will live long enough to see themselves go completely insane.

Doom : It’s the granddaddy of the first-person shooter genre, reborn for a modern generation of players. Not only does Doom look the absolute best on PC, it plays better here as well. Face it, you ponied up for that rig so you could use a mouse and keyboard, and Doom shines with that particular control set. The campaign is brisk and free of distraction, and now that the multiplayer has been beefed up you’ll likely get more mileage out of it than we did when it dropped earlier this year.

Duskers: PC games have a control set that’s simply not found on consoles, namely the keyboard. Duskers uses this tool to full effect, making it the only method of input for the entire game. Players take on the role of a deep space scavenger set adrift after a mysterious, galaxy-wide catastrophe. You have to scrounge fuel and supplies from other derelict ships, and the only way to explore them is with a small fleet of drones. Using keyboard commands, you’ll make a roguelike journey through scenes straight out of Alien and Event Horizon. Grab your favorite mechanical keyboard, turn the lights down low and get to work.

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